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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Reliable International Removals Company

Relocating to a foreign country is a thrilling but difficult endeavour. This is one of the most critical components of an international relocation: selecting a trustworthy overseas removals company to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of your possessions. Finding a reputable company can be a daunting task due to the abundance of available options. This exhaustive guide will guide you through the critical steps necessary to select a professional and reputable overseas removals service.

Begin your research at the earliest

Begin your search for an overseas removals company at least three to four months prior to your anticipated move date. This will provide you with a sufficient amount of time to conduct research, evaluate alternatives, and reach a well-informed conclusion without sense of urgency.

Read Reviews and Request Recommendations

When selecting a removals company such as Burke Bros Moving Group, personal recommendations are indispensable. Seek advice and experiences from peers, family, or colleagues who have relocated internationally. Furthermore, consult online forums and expat communities to gain insight from individuals who have recently relocated to your destination country.

Analyse reviews from independent platforms, including Google Reviews, Yelp, and Trustpilot. Observe patterns in both positive and negative feedback, with a particular focus on comments regarding the management of belongings, communication, and reliability.

Verify that the organisation has the necessary accreditations and memberships.

Professional associations that uphold rigorous standards for their members are frequently affiliated with reputable overseas removals companies. Search for organisations that are affiliated with companies such as:

FIDI (International Federation of International Movers)

IAM (International Association of Movers)

BAR (British Association of Removers)

AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association)

Typically, these associations mandate that members comply with stringent quality standards and codes of conduct.

Confirm Insurance and Licencing

Ensure that the company is appropriately licenced to operate in both the destination country and your current country. If conducting business in the United States, organisations must possess an FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) number for international relocations.

Adequate insurance coverage is essential. Inquire about the company’s liability coverage and whether they provide supplementary protection plans for your possessions during transit.

Evaluate the Expertise and Experience

Seek out organisations that have a wealth of experience in international relocations, with a particular emphasis on the destination country. A more comprehensive comprehension of customs regulations, documentation requirements, and potential obstacles is suggested by an established track record in managing international relocations.

Request comprehensive quotes from numerous organisations

Obtain quotations from a minimum of three distinct international removals companies. Be cautious of estimates that are not based on a comprehensive evaluation of your possessions. Companies that are reputable will typically provide the following:

A complimentary in-home or video survey to evaluate your possessions

A comprehensive, itemised quote that delineates all costs and services

Clear explanations of any prospective charges or additional fees

When evaluating quotes, it is important to take into account the comprehensive range of services provided, in addition to the price. When it pertains to international relocations, the most economical alternative is not necessarily the most advantageous.

Comprehend the Services Provided

The quality of service provided by various organisations may differ. Determine your requirements and verify that the organisation is capable of fulfilling them. Common services consist of:

Unpacking and packing

Customs clearance assistance

Options for storage (at the point of origin or destination)

Transportation of vehicles

Services for the relocation of pets

Specialised handling of fragile or valuable objects

Request Information Regarding the Moving Process

A moving company that is reputable should be able to provide a comprehensive explanation of their process, which should include:

The manner in which they store and safeguard items

Predicted time frame for your relocation

The mode of transportation (air freight, sea freight, or a combination)

Monitoring your shipment through tracking systems

The delivery procedure at your destination

Assess the Quality of Customer Service and Communication

Pay close attention to the manner in which the organisation interacts with you throughout the quotation procedure. Are they professional, responsive, and amenable to responding to your inquiries? For an international relocation to proceed smoothly, effective communication is essential.

Ensure that there are no unforeseen charges.

Companies that offer costs that are unclear or incomplete should be approached with caution. Please inquire about any prospective supplementary fees, including:

Customs duties and taxes

Port fees

Fees for handling

Storage expenses

Insurance expenses

A company that is reputable will be upfront about all prospective costs.

Comprehend the Claims Process

Damages may occur during international relocations, regardless of the finest intentions. Ask about the claims process of the company:

What is the deadline for filing a claim?

What documentation is necessary?

What is the average duration of the claims process?

What is their policy regarding reimbursement or replacement?

Storage alternatives ought to be assessed.

Ensure that the company is capable of providing storage services at your origin or destination. Ask about their storage facilities’ security, climate control, and access policies.

Thoroughly review the contract.

Thoroughly examine the contract prior to signing any agreement. Concentrate on:

The extent of services

Payment arrangements and pricing

Policies regarding cancellations

Insurance coverage and liability

Timelines for delivery

Any provisions regarding delays or unforeseen circumstances

Please do not hesitate to request clarification on any concepts that you are unsure about.

Prepare for the survey

During the removals company’s survey, whether it is conducted in person or virtually, anticipate the following:

Display all items that you plan to relocate.

Discuss any items that necessitate special handling

Indicate the items that you will not be bringing.

Inquire about the packing and relocation process.

Investigate for red flags

Exercise caution when dealing with organisations that:

Require substantial deposits in advance.

Refuse to furnish a documented estimate

Employ sales strategies that are designed to induce high levels of anxiety

Possess a history of name alterations

Lack of a physical address or accurate contact information

Prepare for Customs Regulations

The customs regulations of your destination country should be well-known to a reputable overseas removals company. They ought to:

Offer advice regarding items that are restricted or prohibited.

Provide assistance with the requisite documentation.

Provide guidance on how to mitigate potential customs delays or complications.

Specialised services should be taken into account

Ensure that the company has experience managing distinctive objects, such as antiques, artwork, or musical instruments. Some may provide specialised crating or packing services for fragile products.

Comprehend the duration of transit

The duration of an international relocation can vary from a few weeks to several months, contingent upon the destination and the mode of transportation. A company that is reputable should provide a realistic timeline and keep you informed of any changes or delays.

Anticipate the Unanticipated

International relocations may encounter unexpected obstacles, regardless of the organization’s reputation. Examine the organization’s approach to unexpected circumstances, including:

Attacks on terminals


Unrest in transit countries

Restrictions associated with the pandemic

Rely on your instincts.

Lastly, have faith in your instincts. It is often advisable to investigate alternative options if a company evokes an unsettling sense of unease, even if the cause is unclear. Entrusting your possessions to an international removals company is essential for your peace of mind.

In conclusion,

To locate a trustworthy international removals company, it is necessary to conduct extensive research, exercise caution, and pay close attention to detail. By adhering to these procedures, you can substantially enhance your likelihood of selecting a trustworthy partner for your international relocation. It is important to bear in mind that the appropriate company will not only ensure the safe transportation of your possessions, but also offer valuable support and guidance throughout the intricate process of relocating abroad. Take your time, ask a multitude of questions, and select a company that inspires confidence and trust. With the appropriate overseas removals company at your side, you can concentrate on the thrilling aspects of your international adventure, secure in the knowledge that your possessions are in responsible hands.