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Celebrity Gogglebox: Katherine Ryan Hasn’t Been Asked Back

Comedian Katherine Ryan and her partner Bobby Kootstra appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox but she’s “not sure” that the pair “were the best fit” for the show.

This comes after the couple haven’t been asked back to do more Celebrity Gogglebox shows “so far”, Ryan said.

The show is a twist on the original Gogglebox with celebrities taking to their sofas to watch and react to the TV shows that have aired during the week.

Celebrity Gogglebox has seen the likes of Sir Tom Jones, Roman Kemp, Mel C and more famous faces get cosy on their sofas.

Katherine Ryan “loved” being on Gogglebox with partner but says “we haven’t been asked back so far”

Speaking to The Sun, Ryan explained that she and her partner haven’t been asked to continue being part of the show, saying: “I loved working with Bobby.

“I like people getting to know Bobby a little bit more comes out of his shell. He’s really, really funny.

“I’m not sure that we were the best fit for Celebrity Goggle Box only because we were new and there are so many other families and couples on there, that I don’t think we were on it very much.

“I loved being on it and I would love to be of more use on it.

“We haven’t been asked back so far, but that’s okay. Like I’m not right for everything. I loved the opportunity because it’s a show that we watch…

“But I’m wondering like, how I can be funnier. You know, I’m not going to lie and pretend I didn’t notice that I’m on it for like five seconds.

“It’s alright, it’s ok to like to participate and be on something for five seconds.”

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She added that she’s aware she isn’t “as funny” as previous guests on the show like Roman and Martin Kemp and “maybe not as funny” as Rylan Clark and his mum Linda.

However, she said: “That’s fine, I still loved the show, it was an honour to participate.”

The Sun says it has contacted Channel 4 for comment.